Tuesday, April 6, 2010

House Love

The idea of making "home" in small spaces has always held a fascination for me.  I do think it harkens back to my childhood obsession with my neighbor's play house. At 53, I still want to have a play house and to that end, I purchased these plans just the other day. I've been planning to build something small for over a year but with my mother's ill health and death it just hasn't happened.  Maybe I needed the long planning phase as I have gone from 120 sq ft stick frame to 120 sq ft cob and now 60 sq ft stick. This looks doable for a fist-time solo build. Now to start gathering all the recycled building materials I can find. There are several lots of houses going up within 5 minutes of mine, so that shouldn't be a problem.

Continuing with the small spaces, I am loving this house. I've mentioned The Canelo Project and the Steens here, here, and here.

And how about this small space?
This little TearDrop was built by a new friend.  Betty ordered the kit and put it together herself over a year.  She now misses having a project, so plans are in the works to build another. 

I love the sassy red and black coordinating accents.

She and I would have had that little play house whipped  into shape in no time!


  1. I've always been very interested in this concept, too...


  2. Hey Kelly-I think I could be very happy with a small space and very little to maintain or worry about.~Judy

  3. I like the idea, but I think I would feel clostrophobic. I guess you need to be in a place where living out of doors is comfortable

  4. It's very cute, but I'm a little too claustrophobic for that!

  5. Bobbie, Kelly-do you 2 share some genetic material? : )

    and yes, this would be best for a climate where you could spend a lot of time outdoors. ~Judy

  6. You know, I almost added the same second sentence, too. Kinda scary!