Saturday, April 3, 2010

It all started with a chair-

or really 2 chairs.  And as with most systems, you add something or you take something away and the whole balance is thrown off.  And everything must change. 
I loved these chairs from first sight.  Friends had them at their "farm" and they were so worn and graceful and charming (The Chairs, not the friends.  Well, they are charming but not so worn).  These friends are nice enough to allow us to store the Airstream at the farm and one day as we arrived to do some work, I noticed that The Chairs had been relegated to the dump pile.  My eyes lit up, "Do you see The Chairs are in with the garbage?"  Rick immediately went into his defensive posture "I'm sure they just moved them over there while they were cleaning up the property.  They probably still want them."  Yeah right, Bucko!  A quick phone call, and The Chairs were mine!  Score!

But I need help on what to do with them.  Input requested. I was going to paint them both a deep lavender (which looks blue in the photos) and leave all the other chairs alone.  However, adding one more color is making the porch look disjointed.  Now I am leaning toward painting all the furniture the same color (chocolate brown or the lavender) to give it some cohesiveness and making new cushion covers for color.

So, whad'ya think?


  1. If you know you'll only ever want to have 3 chairs on the patio (doubtful, isn't it?), then they'd probably all need to be the same color. But if you have more than 3, you could do a couple in one color and a couple in another, tying them together with whatever fabric you choose for cushions. I do love these projects of yours and am glad you're posting about them again.

  2. I like the color. It's very pretty!

  3. I like the bright color--and the fabric.

    I might've chosen cherry red, myself!

  4. I agree with "figmentofcogitation" - go for the glory(ous) color. The color you painted this chair is delightful but then I'm quite totally partial to any shade of blue. The fabric is a great choice. Just think of the colors you can use on additional chairs. :-D

    Lindy (Aguila, AZ)

  5. What Cool chairs!!! I agree with the first comment

  6. Thank you, friends! And welcome, Lindy. Now I need to buy some paint. Yay, I love paint.~Judy