Monday, March 14, 2011

Refinish Fail!

Remember this?

I took a few inches off the bottom, stained the top and it was looking much better.

I then had a great idea!  Add some pretty paper to the back wall of the shelf...

So now I get to practice my scraping skills.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

New Furniture

Found this at the thrift store yesterday and yes, I am happy.  It will be perfect for my current project-well, after some work. It's a twin headboard now but it's raison d'etre is about to change.

I had to bring it home tied to the stop of my car with twine-thanks to the guys at the store.  Most things will fit in the back of my little car but this was just big enough and oddly shaped enough that it had to ride on top.  I should have taken a photo of that.

Had to wait for the sons to get home from school so they could unload it.  Younger son's comment when he saw the piece:  "So, you decided we needed another craptastic piece of furniture in the house?" 

One can never too much craptastic furniture! Especially if it's only $2.95.