Friday, April 16, 2010

Here's an interesing idea...

From Jacob at Early Retirement Extreme, Building an Intentional Early Retirement Community.

Would you move?

I saw this post at Tiny House Blog a couple of months ago.  Sounds interesting but you'd have to drive miles for everything.  Been there, done that.

Some neighbors of ours moved nearer to "downtown" Tucson about a year ago. They came to our recent block party and made us all jealous because they can walk to just about anything.  Now they're crabby if they have to cross the street to get to a restaurant.  They also did a smart thing by buying a small duplex, renovating and renting out one side.  The 2 of them are living in about 750 sq ft. (their house here was at least 3 times that).  

I could do this

If I were to move again...


  1. My last home in Denver (nine years ago) was under 900 square feet with no basement or attic. Perfect size. However, that is too much to tow down the road so Wandrin Wagon is under 200 square feet. Even better.

    When I quit this nomadic life, my "home" will be something small. Somewhere between 200 and 900 square feet. I've gotten used to small living spaces.

  2. Yes, I could be happy in our 24' Airstream for a long while with a frequent change in scenery.

    We're living in a little less than 1200 sq ft and that's too much.

  3. I talked to a gal last night whose brother is purchasing a condo complex in Salida, CO and turning it into a "senior commune" where neighbors help neighbors but everyone has their own space. Neat idea.

  4. Oh Bobbie, and Salida is such a great little town, with the river right there. I can remember eating lunch in a cafe right on the river and watching kayakers. Hmmmm Tucson winter, Salida summer and anywhere else in between. Now that would be a great life!~Judy

  5. Location-location-location. I don't think it's much use to situate these "intentional communities" out of reach of everything. Of course, it depends on what the intent is.

  6. I agree. In central Tucson there are old houses sitting on large lots that are zoned for 2 residences. A couple of those side-by-side would be perfect for a small community.