Thursday, October 1, 2009

Why Do I Do These Things?

Last weekend I repainted the living room and hall.  Not such a big job you say-unless you're MAKING the paint!  ARRGHHHHH!  But I love how it turned out.

This week I'm putting a border on those walls to cover up a mistake made while building.  Has to do with the photo above.

More photos to come, I promise.

Why am I doing all this?  Our house is going to be on a home tour in a couple of weeks.  The last time we did a home tour, we had only been in the house a short time and it was OK to say, "We're going to fix that" or "I plan to blah blah blah".  Well, now I have no excuses...and I will be happy the end of October when all these little jobs are done.

In other news:

The curtains arrived from Target in perfect condition but Target then refunded money for the purchase. I think the right hand didn't know what the left hand was doing .  I emailed them and we are getting that worked out.  Great customer service.

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