Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Are You Going to Scarborough Fair?

Parsley, Kale, Bananas and Pears...

My sister-in-law, (pictured above) a  woman of many talents, sent me a huge bunch of kale so this morning I got to have garden fresh kale in my smoothie, along with parsley, bananas and pears. Oh , and a few purple grapes.  It was deee-lish!  This kale had tender stems which meant I didn't have to remove them, making the whole process much easier.

And I did paint a lawn chair...or two.  These chairs have been in the family for about 20 years and while not exactly heirlooms, they are still serviceable chairs.  I bought them as Christmas gifts for Mom and Dad to use here in their Tucson home, knowing that Mom could never sit for long in a chair that didn't rock.  I have inherited that proclivity and when my parents could no longer come here for the winters and we sold their place, I laid claim to the chairs.  They were showing their age so I thought some paint was in order.  When is some paint not in order?

Here's a before and after.  As I looked at all that blue, it came to me that I needed to add something.  How about a big mod flower?  I used some cheap adhesive-backed shelf paper to cut out a stencil.

If you're following along at home, remember that your stencil is the negative space of the flower.  It only took me one oopsy to figure that out. I applied the stencil to the chair and sprayed away.  I then cut a round stencil for the center and free-handed the accents.

Groovy, huh?

I must say that I like Rust-O-Leum paint much better than the other brands out there.  I bought another type for the green chair and it just didn't cover like Rust-O-Leum.

 I have many more projects in the works.  Home tour is T- minus 3 days!


  1. The chairs are much more beautiful than the smoothie. I love the flowers and am, as always, so impressed at your ability to "see" what isn't there and know you need to create it.


  2. It's a bright spot in my day when I lok outside and see them.