Friday, October 9, 2009

Seeking Comfort...Food

I was on call last night and while it was a good night as call nights go, I still didn't get to sleep until 2am.  My eyes flew open at 6am and so here I sit.  Attempting to muster up the energy to do something, anything. The home tour is 8 days away and I have so much to do.  I am painting lamps (for which I have no shades), finishing headboard, creating a window surround, painting switchplates, painting the shower...I'm sure there's more.

I do love my comfort food on post-call days.  I had soft-boiled eggs with toast for breakfast and this Potato Soup just now. ( I know it says Cauliflower Soup but work with me people, exchage one white veg for another.)  As I was making the soup last night #2 son said:  "It's perfect weather for potato soup!"  70 degrees and it's perfect weather for soup.  Desert rat!  Anyway, is it ever good and just the right butter:comfort ratio.

Remember this post?  Here's the border that I did to create the illusion of a flat wall.  If you don't know the story, I had intended to plaster these walls so had the dry wall hung differently and not taped.  I then changed my mind and went with clay paint.  Bad wall prep allowed the drywall joints to telegraph through and it was devastating.  Well, not really but it looked awful and I walk this hallway, oh, maybe 50 times a day!

My solution: clay paint stenciled and then a little gold added to add some interest and glitz. I then distressed it a bit to make it look like it had been in place for years and covered with paint...or lava.  You know, that Pompeii look.  The good news is, you can't tell it was a screw-up.

I've got to quit because I feel that there are probably egregious grammatical errors in this post due to my sleep-deprived brain.  I leave you with this beautiful Tucson sunset.

I think I'll go paint a lawn chair.

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