Friday, May 1, 2009

Free House!

This is so incredibly cool! I have always maintained that Americans can live very well by gleaning the things that other Americans either relegate to the dumpster or give away. This Scrap House is validation of that and something I've always wanted to try. The really cool part is that it was dreamed up by some high school students who found the school had no budget to buy supplies. Necessity being the mother of invention, they became Dumpster Divers and are finding what they need to make their plans a reality. I have dived...dove...climbed into dumpsters at construction sites and it is amazing what the crews toss.

Follow the story at The Scrap House

Thanks to Kent at Tiny House Blog for the link. Check it out, Kent's blog is full of information about very doable small homes like Tiny Free House.


  1. Can we build one and turn it into a Mother's Retreat?

  2. @ Strawboss,

    Being the leader of the crew, I can say build it wherever you want as long as it is near some big ass houses. They have better scrap, and the contrast is funny. Like I said... we got 26 8 foot 2x6's in ONE dumpster. Now that just does not make sense. So there. Oh, and might I suggest buying a truck, and a table saw? *sigh*


  3. Hi Ted,
    Sorry to miss you comment but I've been less than diligent on keeping up with this blog.
    We have lots of "BAHs" around Tucson so that won't be a problem. We have a truck and I have a friend with a property that will benefit from a tiny house. Now to convince her. The table saw thing-in building 2 houses and various other structures, that's one thing we've never had. *sigh*