Sunday, April 12, 2009

What Will I Do When I Can't Afford Thrift Stores?

Have you noticed prices going up at your local thrift store? I certainly have. $9.00 for a pair of pre-worn shoes! It used to be that the more hoity-toity name brands would carry a high price. You know what I'm talking about, the brands that they would only display one shoe of the pair and you had to ask for the other one. Now it's run or the mill regular shoes that are all above $5. And it's not just shoes, it's everything. I'm aghast!

Here's my theory: there's a new crop of thrift shoppers who are used to paying department store prices so they think they're getting a good deal. I've also noticed a lot more shoppers.

Damn this recession! Guess I'll have to pay closer attention to half-price days.

These plaques were a still reasonable $5/each at my local Savers.

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  1. I've noticed it for sure, and the shops are happy to take advantage!