Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Healthcare on My Mind

Mommy how did I get here?: ... space planes that looked exactly like DC8s (except they had rocket motors instead of propellers).

Healthcare has been on my mind a lot lately. Actually it's on my mind all the time as that's my day (and night) job but especially so the last couple of days because I attended a Healthcare Town Hall hosted by my Representative Gabrielle Giffords. It was quite interesting with a wide range of invited speakers from libertarians, to conservatives to pinko-lefties (those terms are meant to be endearing, not perjorative). There was also great input from the audience, which must have numbered over 500. Attending increased my realization that we all need more facts. We can't rely soley on our experiences to be the indicator for what is best for everyone.

So it is with this renewed mission of inquiry that I open my Google Reader and start flipping through the healthcare posts. And I see this headline: Actress Kirstie Alley Brings Attention to Lies about MOTHERS Act. I'm thinking, Cool, the act needs all the support it can get. But then, I read further and find that it's the Scientology smear campaign being waged via Alley's Twitters. Reading further, I find a link to Daily Kos diary by Xenubarb which provides more info on what was being said. Please go read it, the shock value is worth the click.

There are different treatments for depression but sometimes medication is the only one that works.


  1. Or sometimes it is just that one
    needs to find out if they have
    Candidasis. An overgrowth of Yeast
    can cause Depression, suicidal thoughts and a host of other stuff like pain, atheletes foot, even chest pain, gut pain, etc. Read the Yeast connection. It even causes cravings for alcohol beverages. Not enough doctors check people for it.

    People who are depressed need
    to stay away from bleach. Well
    that is in the water. I can tell
    it is in our water. It reeks of it.

    Oh, I've been watching a show on the brain. People need fish oil in their diet and need to go on a brain food diet.

    Seven things cause depression.
    This Doctor said that not all
    depression can be treated the same.

    He use to give drugs first but now he trys natural ways first and if that doesn't work than he goes to the drugs.

    Sometimes it's a matter of cleansing your body out and getting rid of the Yeast overgrowth.

    Staying away for things that cause the problem. Like chemicals, sugar, white, breads, white rice, processed foods, etc.

    It can be a Eviromental thing.

    One guy was being a jerk to his wife and the counselor told them to get a divorce. They didn't want to. So they went to Dr. Daniel Amen. He did a brain spec on him.
    Thought he was an alcoholic I think it was. No he didn't drink.
    Come to find out that the chemicals from refinishing furniture in a factory was poisoning him. So they moved him to a different department put him on a brain food diet and what ever else and his brain went back to normal.

    Anyway look up Amen Clinics,
    if you want to read up on it.

    God Bless You and Yours!!!

  2. PS. I know from experience
    about the Overgrowth of Yeast.

    I went to a Nautropath for other problems. Not depresson. She had me go on a Candida Diet for three months. Cleansed my body out and took herbs.

    I noticed after I did the diet,
    I was not depressed or suicidal anymore and didn't worry about anything anymore plus a host of
    other problems in my body went

    This doctor could prescribe medicine that most medical doctors use, but it can be harmful to the liver so she started out with the mild herbs and worked up to the strongest because I was so sick.
    I never had to take the medicine.

    I craved sweets. The carving also went away after I cleansed out my body. If fact I do not like certain candy bars anymore that I use to like.

    God Bless You and Yours!!!