Saturday, May 23, 2009


This print, a gift from a friend, hangs on a wall in my bathroom. If the door is open I can see it from the bed and it always makes me happy. The Elysian Grove is an old neighborhood in downtown Tucson and this building was the market for the neighborhood. It fell into disrepair for many years and then was rehabbed into a funky bed and breakfast and now it seems to be an artist's studio. It was a great place for a girl's weekend.

This is the cabinet that needed inspiration. On clearance at WalMart for less than $20. Just the thing to take the place of the rickety, ugly wicker shelf that we had in place while waiting for something better to come along.

I loved the weathered but still vibrant blue of the doors in the print so...

And then to make me smile when I open the cabinet a beautiful handmade paisley print paper for the inside.

Now to find some fabulous door pulls.


  1. I love how you just whip up these projects and oh, by the way, add some paisley paper to the inside. I can't even generate the imagination to think of doing anything with the white cabinet except leaving it white. Thanks for posting this. Maybe I'll go paint the mailbox...


  2. The same way I feel about your writing!