Thursday, January 8, 2009

Mrs. Peel-We're Needed!

Found this fab piece while out making the thrift rounds. Very 60s, don't you think with its modern lines, white vinyl and aluminum legs? I didn't even look at the price because I HAVE NO ROOM FOR IT! But oh, it was tempting.

It has a very "Diana Rigg as Emma Peel" vibe. I idolized that character growing up. What a role model she was for young women of that era. No (visible) husband, smart, worked as an equal to a man and got to carry a gun, wear fabulous cat-suits and boots and drive great cars. All the while saving the world from whatever the current evil was. Yes, it was still a bit sexist but it was the 60s, TV women who did more than
wring their hands, wash dishes and get into zany situations that required rescue by the big strong man were nonexistent. Growing upon the edge of Appalachia as I did, she could have been from a different solar system.

s Rigg is now Dame Diana and is still working as an actress and still a role model, letting her hair be gray-I love that.
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