Friday, January 30, 2009

I'm Hooked on Small Houses

photo from Tiny House Blog
Yes, I know, I've said it before but then another one pops up and I just can't help it. My heart just melts.

Patricia Kerns has been building for a long time. I remember emailing her for advice when we were planning our first home in the mid '90s. I had my heart set on a round house and wanted to know more about the roof structures on round or almost round houses. She very generously answered my questions but then we found out that in Pima Co the code only spoke to conventional square of rectangular buildings. In order to build anything else we would have to get all sorts of expensive reviews so we gave up that idea-foiled by the man again!

I followed her progress for a time but then we got caught up in our own projects and I
lost touch with her site. It was great to see it pop-up on the Tiny House Blog and see the work she's done. Her little house reminds me a bit of my studio at our previous strawbale home. I miss that place. Life moves on but I am still hooked on small.
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  1. These are so interesting. Traditional (old) houses in Iceland were also built with straw (and dirt).

  2. Thanks for the link to the Tiny House Blog and the article on Patricia Kerns. I found it really interesting! There is something about tiny houses that is really appealing.

    Thanks for joining my party! Nice to have you with us today. :-)