Saturday, November 29, 2008

Weekend Project

DH likes to sit with his feet propped on whatever is in front of him. My answer to that was to buy a chair with a footstool. Unfortunately, once I sat in it he never had a chance. I don't know that he has EVER used that chair. But, I do love it so.
(It's a Lane as in the pic, mine is rust)

Anyway, he has taken possession of one end of the couch but had no place for the feet. In deciding whether to choose a coffee table or ottoman, we went with the ottoman. A nice ottoman can be used for the feet, as extra seating or with a sturdy tray as a coffee table. With this decided, I was on the hunt. I finally found something that would suit my purposes as the Beacon Value Village Thrift Store on 4th Ave (our couch came from their Stone Ave store). I love the 4th Ave store as it's in one of the older areas of Tucson, near the university and you can find the most interesting stuff there. You can also see the most interesting people. 4th also has great restaurants and other shopping, and is the venue for a twice yearly Street Fair that's "off the hook". Just get there early is all I can say.

This thing has the ugliest vinyl covering I've ever seen but it's sturdy and the right size so here we go.
In this photo I've already removed the buttons and taken off the creaky wheels. I plan to use bun feet eventually but have you seen the cost of those things? I'm hoping I'll be able to dig up a suitable alternative. Any ideas?

Check back Monday for the results.

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  1. Oh no, the secret is out on my favorite thrift spot!

    Maybe I'll run into you there one of these days. Until then, stay thrifty!