Monday, November 24, 2008

THE Reveal of THE Chair

I love it, how about you? The fabric is perfect for the style and adds just the right amount of color to a formerly drab corner. I picked the fabric up at JoAnn's in the discount fabric bins. I always check out the fabric in that area and this piece caught my eye. It was only about 2 yds which I thought would work for the chair, but I knew that if there wasn't enough or I made a big mistake I could use something different for the back. Turns out I had just enough with very little left over.

I had never upholstered before. I've covered dining chair seats and made box cushions but not real upholstery. I did this with the help of j caroline! Her page made the whole thing much easier and gave me the confidence that I could indeed, do this. If you try to upholster, just follow the steps and take pictures of each step as you take the chair apart.

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