Saturday, November 22, 2008

Weekend Project: Reup a Chair

I needed just that one special chair for my living room. Living in a small space isn't difficult but finding furniture that doesn't swallow the space can sometimes by tricky. I wanted a chair that swivelled so that whoever was sitting in it could either be a part of the conversation or watch TV. Other criteria were that the chair profile be small and the legs be visible, no skirting, which increases visual space. And lastly, it had to be cheap.

I've kept my eye out for several months and have seen some that came close to my needs but one day, walking through the Habistore, I found it. It was beautiful! Actually, THEY were beautiful, my chair had a twin. A small mid-century profile with no skirting and it swivelled. I was in love even if it did have dirty black vinyl upholstery, I could see beyond its imperfections to the chair it was meant to be, it was THE chair. And now it's MY chair!

The price, 19 smackeroos
-more th
an I might normally pay but I was in love. Sadly, Twin was left behind (living in a small space, no room for extras in the furniture department) but I'm sure by now he (or she) was just the perfect fit for someone else. This weekend THE chair gets a makeover-check back Monday.

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