Wednesday, August 4, 2010

You Can't Make This Stuff Up

This may only be funny if you sew.

I'm in the process of making a dress from a pattern I've never used before.  As the dress has a close-fitting bodice, I wanted to make a test piece out of inexpensive fabric to check the fit. This is typically made of muslin and is therefore called "a muslin."

What's funny about that, you ask?

I was watching People's Court one day (we all have our peccdillos) and the case involved a real housewife (heretofore known as RH) from somewhere suing a dressmaker/couturier for breach of contract.  The dress he was contracted to make for the plaintiff to wear to a society soiree was not completed in time and she then had to rush out and spend more than I've ever spent in a year on clothing for a family of 4 to buy some off the rack piece of crap.  This of course caused her great mental distress because she was humiliated to be seen in this OtR piece of crap.

Still not funny.

When Judge Marilyn was asking about the process and fittings and why it took so long, RH replied:  "I don't know what the hold-up was, but he took measurements and said he had to make an Egyptian!"

There's your funny!

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