Monday, June 21, 2010

The New-Old Airstream Sofa



I didn't do this job myself but, it there is a next time, I think I would tackle it.  Especially now that the cushions are continuous and the foam was all replaced.  

I also replaced the fabric covering on the walls with a heavyweight vinyl.  Those of you with Airstreams will know what I'm talking about.
  This is just heavy cardboard covered with fabric which I covered with vinyl (I did not remove the original fabric) using hot glue to secure it.
This piece is on the wall along the dinette.

I did the same with the wooden pie shaped pieces on the ends of the upper cabinets but used my trusty staple gun to attach the vinyl.
Here are some pictures of the process for the ends of the upper cabinets.

Quick, easy project, big impact.

I need some photos of the pieces actually in place.

My work is never done.


  1. How fun to refurbish an old airstream. Looks great! Stopped in from the mondo beyondo site.

  2. Nice job, looks like you replaced the curtains as well. What would you do without a "project?"

  3. Hey Rebecca, welcome! And yes Bobbie, there's always something.

  4. I love the curtains that I read about on your directions. I think I am going to use black out lining and make them to cover just window so I can slide them to the side to open up the window. Thanks I want to see your flower garden when finished. Gale

  5. Anon, things I learned in the AS curtain making process: 1. Cut a little large than your measurements and remember your seam allowance. Always better to have too much. 2. Match the placement of the sliders on the old curtains to the new curtains. 3. If you camp in cool weather much, I would add some of the thin insulating fabric now on the market. I have even thought of buying the inexpensive drapes at places like Target and remaking those.
    Good Luck and have fun. ~Judy

  6. StrawBoss Judy I to have been eyeing the thermal backed suede at Target and Costco. Do you know if they are washable. I was afraid to wash so took to cleaners Never Never again disolved 75%of thermal off. I need cold and light control all summer in Alaska. Did you do corner snaps to hold tight? Thanks Gale

  7. The info on the pkg says they are washable cold, tumble dry low.

    I have not put snaps on the curtains as I'm trying to decide the best option. My curtain fabric is very sheer and the placing the snaps would destroy it. I could put some heavier fabric on the corners to help support the snaps. I have also been thinking of self-adhesive velcro but I'm sure out heat would cause that to fall right off the wall. I'm paralyzed by indecision at this point : )

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