Saturday, June 26, 2010

8:11 am: Enjoying My Front Porch

But I do have to get up early to do it because at 8:11 am it's already 89 degrees (F).  In creating this landscape around our home, my request was for plants that attract butterflies and birds.  I'm so grateful for that, as I can sit here and see several types of butterflies, black white, yellow, orange.  I don't know their names, but I certainly enjoy their beauty and grace.  

Bird song is everywhere, mourning doves cooing, quail calling to the family and hummers chirping at each other.  Just a moment ago, I saw a cardinal in the top of the tree across the way.

Now I see a  rabbit on the walking path.  We have a love hate relationship with them, as they eat plants. Having lost several to their voracious appetites, I think I've finally figured what to plant that they won't eat.

Hope you find beauty where you are today.


  1. I might have to come to your house to do that.


  2. I love love love the colors and with the burst of orange color - gorgeous!

  3. Michelle, think of what you're saying...0800 and I'm 25 minutes from your house. Girl, it must be the heat-get out of the sun, NOW!

    Kimberley-That orange just makes the porch. It's that unexpected pop to play off all the cool colors.