Sunday, September 6, 2009

How I spend my free time

Reading these great blogs:
Figment of My Cogitation has a thoughtful post on things that bubble just below the surface of our lives in What If You Couldn't Read These Words
I have a new blog love Happy Texas Farm!  They're building a strawbale house, among many other things. It's always fun to see the creativity of others, the only problem being, I get the, IwishIhadthoughtofthats and  want to change things here.
Ever read one of those posts that make you say out loud "Yes!"  This one, Feeling Fierce or is it Just the Boots at Rock The Silver did it for me.
Bobbie has a new blog, called Excuse My Blog (because she thinks she has nothing to say), about her art and life.  In this post she shows how she gets from a photograph to a watercolor. Fascinating stuff and she makes it look as if I could do it. 

Have a great holiday weekend.  Personally, I'll be laboring (excuse the pun).

Painting Chimney Rock Bobbie Johnson

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