Saturday, September 5, 2009

Chill in the Air?

It was 74 when I got up this morning, time to pull out the winter clothes.  No, seriously, in about 2 weeks we'll see people in Tucson with sweaters on.
Cooler temperatures means we will trim up the landscaping.  I so enjoy our landscaping because of the birds and butterflies it draws to our immediate surroundings, but it does take a bit of work.  Work that's better done with a chill in the air!
Here's a little project that took almost no time, or money but makes me very happy.
I got this chair at GW for $1.99!  No, you shut-up, one dollar and 99 cents. (I know, some are asking, "you actually paid real money for that?")  I had been looking for just such a thing, rickety, seat half off, useless rockers, sorely in need of a paint job.  The cashier at GW even remarked "1.99, that doesn't seem right."  I'm not sure if she meant it was too much or too little.
Anyway, we dragged it home and I went to work.  First, hacksaw off the rockers and remove the seat. Clean up the rest and lightly sand to remove a bit of whatever was on it.  (It's going on the porch, so I wasn't too concerned) 
And then my trusty Rustoleum spray trigger and a can of Green Apple and it' s chair love!
This is moss rose in the planter seat.  I had some very pretty purple- flowered, viny thing in there but while on vacation, someone forgot to water it...Boys?

(Thanks, Blogger, love the new picture uploader!)


  1. It's ADORABLE! I want one!

  2. It is cute, isn't it. It's so fun to take a piece of someone else's garbage and turn it into something pretty.