Sunday, November 28, 2010

Cabin in Creede

We had a cabin in Colorado, Creede CO to be specific, for a while.  A short while.  Creede is a funky little town in the San Juans of southeastern Colorado that is nothing like her more trampy sisters on the front range.

Anyway, we were traveling through Colorado browsing.  We had money in our pockets from selling another of our projects and  thought an investment we could visit from time to time to remove ourselves from the hellish Tucson summers might be nice.  It was September, the aspens were aglow and we fell in love with the beauty of the area, the lack of glittery tourism, and the relative proximity to Tucson.  And then we found this:

Now, this looks easy to fall in love with.  But picture 4 log walls, just walls.  No roof, no interior floor, no framing, nothing, nada, zilch.  Just a view out one of the windows (no glass, just an opening) of the mountains with rivers of golden aspen flowing down to the valley; that's what we fell in love with.

Over 2 summers my husband and the tall boy who was about 14 at the time, finished the cabin.   And then we sold it.  We hadn't been able to rent it as we had planned, real estate was getting hinky and we were starting the house we live in now.  We did OK on the deal and found that owning a cabin  a 12 hour drive away wasn't for us (remember relative proximity, not so much for a weekend visit).

But I sure had fun planning and decorating the place, all from second-hand and thrift stores.  I wanted the feel of an old cabin filled with things that had always been there.
I think that fridge cost $15 dollars and at one point we had to tie it closed.  It was due to be replaced, because Beverly Hillbillies was not the look I was going for.
A second hand table attached to a cabinet turned into extra eating or work space.  And see the corner wall cabinet without a door, that eventually got a cute leaded glass door that we had to order and wait and wait and wait for.  Building 2 hours from the nearest Big Box is an interesting adventure to say the least.
The table I received as partial payment for some wall painting I did for a friend.  The chairs came from a church tag sale. The floors in this photo are the plywood subfloor stained blue.  Flooring for the living areas was in the next year's budget.  The bedrooms and bathrooms did have flooring.

While the inside is cute and cozy and all, here is the best part of the cabin:

the view of the La Garita's from the front porch...which was to get a swing....eventually.  And where you see the evergreens, that's the Rio Grande River.  Yeah, it was nice.  I'm glad we were lucky enough to spend some time there.

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