Monday, September 13, 2010


See this:

It will soon be gone.  Bad design decision that's pretty easy to remedy, well, it is if you pay your 2 sons to git'r done.  That's all adobe used to add more thermal mass to the room along with a bit of rusticity.  However, it got out of hand and now just takes up too much space.  Everytime I look at it, which is everyday, several times a day, all I can do is think about how to change it.  Not a peaceful state of being, so it's going!  Yes!

The stove will return to that position and will still be used to heat the house, the 3 times each winter its actually needed.  I tried to get rid of it, too, but was voted down.

The wall behind the adobe will be an opportunity for creativity but I have some ideas.  At the very least I will have to paint the whole wall because that's custom made clay paint.

The good thing about using adobe and some other natural materials is they can be reused.  The plan is for these bricks to be the foundation for an earthen oven at a friend's house.  We're even saving the mortar, which is basically mud.  It will be reconstituted and used for mortar again.

Stay tuned.

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