Sunday, March 14, 2010

Sunday Music

We have music in our community on Thursday nights (yes, I live in a great community).  Through these Courtyard Concerts, I get introduced to the music of lots of musicians out there "trying to make a living with a microphone" as this song says. Lost in Holland, Josh Hisle and Michael G. Ronstadt,  made their audience go, WOW!  Great music, interesting backgrounds and funny road stories.  There is a clip about Josh on the youtube page if you scroll down a bit and Michael is a Ronstadt, (yes, as in Linda).  You can't swing a dead cat in this town and not hit a Ronstadt, and they all seem to be musically gifted.  

And I'm a sucker for a cello.

The sound is not great but hope you enjoy Lost in Holland.


  1. I really like that! I'll have to share it with my son and husband. I think they will like it. My son is trying to make a living with a guitar and microphone, too.

  2. It's difficult to really hear the lyric but in the intro Josh explained that they played at the annual Benefit Concert for the Bridge School put on by Neil and Pegi Young. The were fans of many of the musicians they met there. However, in meeting them it was sometimes disappointing to find they were rude, disconnected from the world and just going through the motions. Norah Jones was one who stood out by standing up for what she believes in. (they of course, told the story much better)

  3. I love the Django Reinhardt vibe!