Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Post Home Tour Home Tour: Dining...Area

Yes, area, in the middle of a larger room.  But not that large, the kitchen, DR, LR space is approximately 14 x 28.  Small by most standards.

In order to trick the eye a bit and make it appear larger, I did a couple of things:
  1. windows with views on 3 walls, to carry line-of-sight beyond the walls, and
  2. very high ceilings.
The high ceilings only work to create volume if the eye is drawn upward.  This won't happen if everything on the walls ends at the height of 8 feet.  I had this problem, so I had to fix it.

Here is a photo of the dining area window before:

and after:

It really makes quite a difference.  And yes, that is all done with clay paint on the earthen plaster.  I drew a half-circle above the window and taped off the design. I loved doing this project.

I have some other little changes in this area which I'll share in a later post.