Friday, November 6, 2009

Creating memories

A Christmas Wreath Made From Punch Card's
My friend Michelle, at Figment of My Cogitation, has written yet another great post.  This one is entitled The Value of Doing Stuff and will twang a heartstring with all of us DIYers, crafters, creators, artists.

My mother belonged to a Homemaker's Club made up of women in the neighborhood, most within walking distance because those were the days of one-car families.  The ladies, probably 6-10 of them, would rotate being hostess.  At the meetings they would have a ...meeting and then do a craft project.  I remember wrapping string dipped in glue around balloons to make string ball lights (except I don't think ours ever had an actual light) and folding data punch cards (remember those?) into cones and attaching them to cardboard.  When sprayed green it made quite the festive wreath.

The best part however, was the lunch.  There was always some cool thing that Mom never made at home and dessert!  Yes, dessert at lunch.  Will wonders never cease?

Create on!



  1. You're the queen of doing stuff, Judy.