Sunday, August 9, 2009

Recycle, Reuse, Refashion

While browsing at a rummage sale with a friend, she mentioned she needed a small case for her laptop. Nothing big, bulky, briefcase looking. Lightbulb! I had recently seen this post at Creative Kismet and this at Curbly. From those inspirations, I arrived at this:

Back pocket with hook-n-loop closure.
It is all the same color, the lighting was different

I used thrifted placemats that had a backing fabric so when I cut them to size, I left one seam intact and sandwiched in padding. For the padding piece, I used an old quilted mixer cover (remember those?), also found at a thrift store. Even the button was from my box of "that's too cool to throw away" treasures.

Total cost was about 2 bucks and I have a placema
t leftover.


  1. It really is cool -- unique and so much more sophisticated-looking than the mass produced ones at office supply stores. I think this should be Judy's new business venture.