Tuesday, February 15, 2011


I think I have the flu!!  I haven't felt this bad in...ever.  I thought I felt better this morning but was up for about 30 minutes and then had to go back to bed.  This is day 5, people!  I blame in on the flu vaccine.  I never get the vaccine but did this year because I was going to Honduras and so here I am with the coughing, hacking, headachy, sneezing, muscle aching, skin hurting crud.  (I don't really blame in on the vaccine, it's just so coincidental.)

And I have so many fun projects I'd love to be working on.  First there is the tiny strawbale house I'm working on with my friend, C.  Her family is making the courageous move to simplify and live on a piece of rural land hidden right in the heart of SE Tucson.  This also allows them to be near their horses.  Right now they are living in travel trailers but C is interested in building and wanted a more substantial place of her own so she came up with a plan and here we go. 

 Yes, I realize there are no posts on the deck near the house wall.  That will be a separate structure with the proper support.

This is drawn in Google SketchUp, which is my new love.  My days of graph paper and pencil are gone.  I think C's settled on the gable roof style which will have a dormer on the roof face which now appears to be transparent.  She really wanted an entrance to the skydeck from the loft so she can sleep outside when the mood strikes.  There is also a great view of the Catalinas from there.

This is the south facade but the dormer will be on the north, I just couldn't figure out how to flip is over to that side without a lot of work.

We're working on the foundation and I am anxious to get that done and on to bales.  We're using as much recycled material as we can which requires quite a bit of creativity and thinking outside the box.
The foundation, which was hand-dug by C and friends.

  I told you it was a TINY house-8'x14' as a matter of fact.  It'll make the perfect hangout space for C and friends.  There won't be a bathroom as those facilities are close by.

 Great views of the horses.

The foundation is going to be rubble trench and now has gravel in it, I think.  Definitely more to come.

I also have another fun project which I will get into next time.  Now, I think I need a nap or some medicine or something.



  1. Re: the flu shot.
    There's no such thing as a coincidence. Not that I have a bias against certain vaccines and pharma companies or anything ;-)
    Hope you feel much better very soon.