Friday, July 16, 2010

In Progress

Do you do this?  Have a new project to start but have to sit with it for awhile?  This has been auditioning in the living room for a week and I think it has the part.  
Needs some work, has some rough edges but it just what I've been looking for in the role.  I found it in the parking lot of a thrift store here in town for $2.98, right in my price range.  I bought the fabric a couple of years ago and although it has tried out for many parts, has never made the cut.  I actually like the green chenille that's on the chair. 

I'm sure it's original to the chair and it reminds me of a couch we had when I was a kid, but it's pretty worn and the seat needs to be repaired as the springs have sprung.

I'm guessing the chair and I are about the same age, and some days I feel that way myself.


  1. Love the lines of the chair and the new fabric. Do you know how to fix the springs?


  2. I can do anything, I have the power of Google!