Saturday, March 14, 2009

Here's a Little Project

I did this quite a while back but didn't get around to posting it. For Christmas a couple of years ago we purchased a media center as a family gift. The media center would allow us to have our music, movies and internet all available on the flat screen on the wall. It actually worked out well and it gives me more ammunition daily to get rid of the CABLE TV! Most things we watch are available online in some form at some time (we aren't the family who waits anxiously for the next episode of Lost or Survivor).

What with episodes of shows like 30 Rock (love), The Daily Sh
ow, and Colbert posted by the networks and sites like Hulu who needs cable? And Netflix now has on demand movies, not the latest but you can find some interesting films you might not watch otherwise. Yesterday the boys and I watched Sophie Scholl, something we didn't specifically seek out but was worth watching.

But, I digress

The downside: all this electronic goodness was grotesque looking sitting there on the floor. Initially I hid it in a big basket/hamper but that still was not doing it for me.. What I needed was a cabinet and the space it had to fit into was about right for a kitchen wall cabinet. So I was on the hunt and finally found what I needed at the Habistore. An old, beat up, painted white kitchen cabinet. With a new paint job, a top surface and some legs, it would be perfect. What do you think?

This is the marble finish I did on the top surface. It's just a piece of MDF we had laying around. The cabinet also has little wooden legs (which probably cost more than the cabinet) and I glued a piece of trim around the bottom to give it a little more substance.

It looks great and suits its purpose reasonably. I may eventually move it to the bedroom and get a wider cabinet for the media center. In order to insert DVDS/CDs we have to open the door and angle the MC, as the drawer does not have enough room to open.

That just means more painting fun for me!


  1. Judy, Judy, Judy --

    Every time I see some nearly-landfill find you've resurrected on this blog, I wonder why you're not making a living at your art. Not that being a nurse isn't good work but you have such a talent. I have ferocious envy for your artistic eye and encourage you to do as much as you're able. I love the pretty pictures.


  2. That is CUTE! I never would have been creative enough to build something like that....then again I proably couldn't build my own house either!