Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Livin' Life in Laveen

I find my self in Laveen. AZ.  What's that you say?  Where the heck is Laveen?  Until my niece bought a house here, I hadn't heard of it either.  It's a bedroom community SW of Phoenix that used to be a farming community, and still is in some places.  Not a mile from her house is a big dairy with lots of cows packed into a small area surrounded by tract homes.  And lordy, lordy, lordy does it stink when you drive by-no way should that many cows be in one place at one time.  I grew up in the country with a huge cow pasture within site of my house and it was nothing like that.

But, I digress.  I'm here in Laveen hanging out with my newest great-nephew!  Every new mama needs a helper for a while and I'm so happy to be able to act as her postpartum doula/lactation consultant.  Nate is entering into his third week of life on this planet and I think he's fitting right in.  Her certainly has the eating and pooping down.  

He's a keeper, for sure.